Why implement a Cloud Based ERP in your Campus?

1. No need to purchase heavy and expensive hardware for servers in your campus. These servers get old after 4-5 years and it becomes a recurring cost for a campus. Implementing a Cloud Based ERP in your Campus will make the process easier as well as less affordable.

2. No need to maintain anti-virus software, firewalls, air-conditioned server rooms and worry about security-related things for your servers in the campus. Also, Cloud Based ERP in your Campus and choose to get free from the worries of taking regular database backups of your ERP for security purposes.

3. Once you get your implement a Cloud Based ERP all your students, staff members and admin staff people can access it from anywhere at any time as per their comfort from a mobile or a laptop or a desktop.

4. The best thing about cloud based ERP solutions is that they are compatible with all online browsers and all operating systems. So by Implementing a Cloud Based ERP in your Campus, you don't have to worry about the compatibility of your software with your devices.

5. A cloud based ERP solution will bring in a lot of transparency in work from all the users as everyone will be seeing the data in a centralized format from one particular place. This will also help you in reducing data redundancy and data duplication related issues in your campus.

6. In a cloud-based environment when all the staff members of various departments are using a synchronized ERP system, the top management of the institution can get centralized summary reports as and when they need from the system accurately.

7. Cloud Based ERP system helps the top management of the organization to make better and faster decisions. These quick decisions help in analyzing any kind of problem in advance, also it helps in forecasting and doing advanced planning for various activities going on in the campus for various purposes.

8. In case of a power failure or an internet downtime too, your data and your ERP from the Cloud can be accessed on mobiles and laptops. IFW Campus ERP 2.0 is a lightweight solution and does not consume too much of your internet bandwidth.

9. IFW Campus ERP 2.0 can run on any basic configuration system too, so you don't need to invest in heavy systems and thus save a lot of cost on that too.

10. Management of New Versions and updates of the ERP becomes very easy when you implement a Cloud Based ERP in your campus. Flexibility and scalability become easy and you can adopt more modules or updated your ERP package for students and staff members too easily.